Activation of non formal educational activities in areas with different cultural, occupational and social characteristics


Dissemination conference of the Project

CasaLiguria - Rue du Luxembourg, 15 - Bruxelles

29th October 2009

Lifelong Learning Programme
Action Grundtvig

Project No: 134430-CP-1-2007-1-IT-GMP

The objective of LabObs project is the promotion of the empowerment of all the adults who wish to further their education along all their life.

To pursue this aim it is necessary to start to recognize the different educational experiences, thus increasing the number of people involved in non formal education and promoting specific tools (like Study circles and RERS).

It is necessary also to identify a set of indicators through research, analysis and exchange among the involved countries, as a reference for the application of these tools and the formal recognition of non formal educational experiences.

The existing frameworks and principles of study circles, RERS, and other non formal methods will be studied in real settings related to the specific needs of each region involved.

The proposal addresses the aspects identified above, promoting:

- increased knowledge of the participants within specific field and topics (different for each country involved);
- creation of guidance material to new approaches and methodologies;
- cooperation processes and methodologies;
- exchange of ideas and good practices;
- experience gained by the participants as individuals and as groups;
- cross-cultural dialogue and cooperation;
- collaborative learning;
- peer learning;
- debates and workshops.

Among the tools which have been chosen are Study Circles, Reciprocal Knowledge Exchange Networks and Thematic Clubs of users.